A Virus Called Fear

Feb 20, 2023 | Science, Sports, Videos

The short film named ‘A Virus Called Fear’ is a documentary on the subject of fear and the state of being afraid, mainly irrational fears with their cause and effect. It is directed and written by Ben Fama Jr.

The fear itself is an emotion common to all of us, a universal occurrence, and people have fears that can be on a conscious or unconscious level.

When the state of fear occurs, a danger is recognized or detected, and that leads to a simple choice characterized as the ‘fight or flight’ situation.

A number of people are familiar with the science behind fear and the reason why our fears have the ability to distort our perception.

One of the main drives behind survival is fear, but it can also be completely irrational such as the fear of the media, religion or politics.

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Riyan H.