A. v. Humboldt: Everything is interaction — Part 7

Dec 13, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

Experience the adventurous life of the great German natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt in an epic documentary series, as we celebrate his 250th birthday. A geologist, humanist and pioneer of ecology, Humboldt was way ahead of his time in understanding the intricate relationships of the natural world. And it was his expedition to South America that paved the way for this realization.
Join us as we retrace Humboldt’s footsteps along the Amazon, marvel at his genius insights, and challenge European notions of the New World. Discover how his vision of the unity of nature has inspired modern scientists, and how his legacy lives on to this day. Don’t miss this extraordinary journey that will take you from the highest peaks of the Andes to the wildest jungles of South America. This is your last chance to join the adventure!

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David B