A Tribute To Ryan Dunn MTV Special

Jul 7, 2023 | People, Videos

One of the most iconic pranksters in recent history, Ryan Dunn, was tragically taken away in 2011. The Jackass star had become an icon for his wild and daring stunts that were both hilarious and sometimes dangerous. Now, his friends and family have come together to share stories and pay tribute to Ryan in a new documentary, “Remembering Ryan: A Tribute to Zac & Ryan”.

In this emotional documentary, viewers will get to know both Ryan and his best friend Zac through interviews with those closest to them. Through their honest words, you can experience the bond between these two individuals who were more like brothers than friends – a relationship which was filled with love and laughter, but also danger as they shared a thirst for dangerous stunts.

The documentary takes you on an emotional journey through the life of Ryan Dunn – from him being an outcasted teenager who found solace in extreme sports to becoming an international superstar much loved by fans across the world. It also documents how he inspired others around him to chase their dreams just like he did so many times before.

This heartfelt documentary is not only about mourning for the loss of a great man but also about celebrating his life; it’s sure to bring joyous memories back as well as tears of sadness from knowing what could have been if he was still alive today.

For anyone that enjoyed watching Jackass or any of Ryan Dunn’s crazy antics growing up, this is definitely a must-watch film that takes you behind the scenes into the heart of one of America’s most outrageous stars and provides insights into his personal relationships which helped him towards the success he achieved during his life. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to pay homage one last time to one of TV’s most daring pranksters – Remembering Ryan: A Tribute To Zac & Ryan is now available online and at certain theatres near you!

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