A train ride to the Czech Republic

Aug 10, 2023 | Nature, Travel, Videos

Take a train journey through the stunning Elbe Sandstone Mountains that shape the beautiful region between Germany and the Czech Republic. Be awestruck by peculiar rock formations and the beautiful river Elbe as this journey takes viewers from Dresden to Dìèín. But, the journey does not stop there; it delves deep into Bohemian Switzerland’s natural beauty, enchanted valleys that inspired romantic-era painters as well as Edmundsklamm gorge on the border of Germany and Czech Republic with its protected wildlife.
This compelling documentary covers the completion of the new National Park line connecting the Czech Republic to Germany via Děčín to Rumburk via Bad-Schandau, Sebnitz, and Dolní Poustevna. Additionally, the travelers get to ask bilingual train conductors about the area and its people. For lovers of nature and awe-inspiring landscape, this documentary dives into the history of brown coal, once a prosperous industry of the region. Explore the rocky landscapes, discover wildlife in its natural habitat and get lost in the history of the region. “Travel to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains” – a journey that should not be missed.

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David B