A state prosecutor hunts the tax mafia

Jul 7, 2023 | Crime, Political, Videos

In the gripping new documentary about the biggest tax scandal in German history, viewers are taken on a journey deep into the heart of the scandal. Insiders reveal how the “Cum-Ex” tax heist was carried out by a network of powerful bankers, top-tier lawyers, and even politicians. A group of financial predators who were able to swindle billions from ordinary taxpayers.
At the center of this story is Cologne prosecutor Anne Brorhilker, who was tasked with investigating the scandal when it landed on her desk. Over the course of eight years, Brorhilker and her team worked tirelessly to sift through tens of thousands of files, conduct worldwide raids, and investigate more than a thousand suspects. In the end, their efforts paid off with a legal milestone when they finally managed to expose the crimes and get the perpetrators to confess.
Join us for this fascinating look into the dark world of financial crime and learn how state prosecutors are fighting back against unscrupulous predators who are determined to siphon off public funds for their own gain.

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David B