A Siberian skater’s 80 years on the ice

Aug 3, 2023 | Nature, People, Sports, Videos

Baba Lyuba, affectionately known as the “Ice Skater of Lake Baikal”, is an 80-year-old senior who has dedicated her life to ice skating. For the past 80 years, she has lived on the western shore of southern Siberia’s Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake. When the lake freezes over for six months of the year, she believes that skating on it is the secret to her longevity.
The documentary “The Ice Skater of Lake Baikal” captures Baba Lyuba’s passion for ice skating, as well as her simple way of living. She looks after four dogs, five cows, two calves, and four chickens. Despite having a hectic schedule, she always finds time to hit the ice with the steel blades she’s used for decades. Join us on a mesmerizing journey as we witness her unwavering faith in Lake Baikal’s natural powers, which she believes are stronger than any miracle.

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