Illac’s project is recycling plastic bottles which will outlive all future generations to come sitting in a landfill or end up in the ocean where they may possibly decompose filling the water with toxic chemicals. Through his project these bottles are now bringing light into the shadows of Manila.

Using a very simple method of combining bottles, water, a touch of bleach, galvanized sheet, simple carpentry, and organizing the people he is starting a revolution. He is bringing natural, and FREE, light into homes and even churches. We follow him into some of these windowless, dark homes and churches as he shows us how much of a difference this handful of inexpensive resources can really make. In more ways than one his project is shining light on those who need it most.

His work force consists of the very same people who live in the slums of Manila, making this a project made up of the people helping the people. Not only a few days, week, or month out of the year, rather they are helping each other year round. Unlike other organizations that come and go, this project is truly making change happen in this community, and very likely changing lives.

Illac Diaz has even started a production line in the local jail, where inmates are organized and assembling some of the finest “liter lights” to go out into their communities.

This powerful mini film will inspire you and get you thinking. If it takes so little to really impact the world for the better, what can I do? What do I have around me, what is at my disposal, and what is one small thing I can do today to help another?

All it takes is one person with a passion, and an inspired idea to help and really make a difference. Now, what if every one-person realized the power they have, what would be your one, great, simple, and powerful idea?