A Plastic Ocean

Jun 22, 2024 | Environmental, Videos

Plastic is an ever-growing problem for our planet and its inhabitants, and a new documentary explores just how much of an issue it has become. It’s cheap, it’s easy to produce, and it’s everywhere. In fact, the use of plastic has never been more widespread than it is today. Unfortunately, this also means that plastic doesn’t naturally decompose like other materials, so it can end up in waterways or even the ocean itself.

This documentary takes a look at the impact that this has on marine life and the environment as a whole. It dives deep into a subject that affects us all – from wildlife to humans – but one that many of us might not think about very often. This is a powerful reminder of how our actions have global consequences; something we’re only beginning to understand in full.

This documentary promises to be an eye-opening experience on the destructive power of plastic, as well as possible solutions if we choose to act now. It’s an opportunity for viewers to take action themselves by being informed and spreading awareness about this growing issue. By watching this documentary you’ll gain knowledge that could help make a real difference and protect our planet for future generations. So don’t miss out – watch the documentary today!

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David B