A nurse moves to Germany

Sep 7, 2023 | Activism, Health, People, Social, Videos

Shortage of nursing staff in Germany leads to hiring from abroad. Iyaloo Akuunda from Namibia is one of them who decided to learn German and try her luck in Germany. She was offered a job at Düsseldorf University Hospital, but not everything turned out as she had envisioned. A documentary by Ruth Krause and Adrian Kriesch explores the challenges and hurdles foreign nurses face in Germany.
The documentary “Foreign Nurses in Germany: A Struggle for Acceptance”, depicts the trials and tribulations of Iyaloo and her fellow foreign nurses, as they navigate through cultural and linguistic barriers and cope with homesickness while providing care for others. The film sheds light on the need for more solutions to the pressing challenge of nursing staff shortage in Germany, and the importance of acknowledging the contributions of foreign nurses.

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David B