A notorious cult – The fight for justice against Colonia Dignidad

Aug 21, 2023 | Justice, People, Social, Videos

For decades, the world was horrified by reports of human rights abuses at the Colonia Dignidad compound in Chile, where Paul Schäfer ruled his followers with an iron fist. Now, a new documentary investigates the long shadow cast by Colonia Dignidad, and the continued influence of Schäfer’s reign of terror.
In the film, we see shocking interviews with former members of the cult, including Willi Malessa, who was forced to dig up human remains in the 1970s. The documentary also reveals the current state of the notorious colony, with some former leaders refusing to take part in investigations, and allegations of mass graves still being made.This powerful film falls under. It sheds light on a dark chapter in Chilean history and confronts the uncomfortable truths of dictatorship, cults, and human rights abuses.

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David B