A journey through Mongolia

Aug 16, 2023 | Culture, Social, Travel, Videos

Saruul Fischer is a fashion designer who left Mongolia for East Germany at the age of eleven. She still holds a deep attachment to her homeland, and her fashion label “Edelziege” allows her to connect her two homes. Accompany Saruul on a journey back to Mongolia, where she explores the changes that have taken place in the country and the impact of these changes on the Mongolian culture.
In Ulaanbaatar, Saruul’s company manufactures clothing from fine cashmere, a natural fiber sourced from the goats that roam Mongolia’s expansive steppe. But as the country modernizes, the traditional ways of life are fading away, and the environment is suffering. Join Saruul in the west of the country, where she sleeps in a yurt and experiences life as her ancestors lived it. She grapples with the changes that are threatening this way of life and ponders how to preserve Mongolia’s heritage for future generations.

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David B