A History of Syria

Oct 18, 2023 | Military/War, Social, Videos

The award-winning documentary ‘A History of Syria with Dan Snow’ is an incredible journey through the war-torn country of Syria that has captivated audiences around the world. Directed and produced by Robin Barnwell, this compelling documentary paints a vivid picture of life in Syria amidst the current conflict, and delves into how its history has shaped and influenced where it is today.

As Barnwell reveals, even with the Syrian Airlines jet performing an alarming dive on its nighttime approach into Damascus airport to avoid hostile fire, and artillery rounds flying through the air, Syrians were still going about their daily business as if nothing was happening. This resilience in the face of adversity was a recurring theme that Barnwell observed during his visit to various locations across Syria.

At times during production, filmmakers faced significant challenges due to new restrictions imposed by the Syrian Ministry of Information. Despite these impediments, Barnwell was able to gather incredibly moving footage for the documentary, including shots from inside the Old City of Damascus which had become inaccessible due to military checkpoints. He also managed to capture beautiful scenes from Lattakia – where no fighting was taking place – offering viewers a brief glimpse into pre-conflict Syria.

The documentary provides a valuable insight into how history has helped shape and influence the appalling civil war in Syria, allowing viewers to gain an understanding of what has happened and why it is so complex. It also highlights get an understanding of just how difficult it is for people living in conflict regions such as these.

So if you’re looking for an enriching experience that will open your eyes to this heartbreaking situation in Syria, then ‘A History Of Syria With Dan Snow’ is definitely worth watching!

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David B