A History of God

Jun 16, 2024 | Religion, Videos

Karen Armstrong’s renowned book, A History of God, has been adapted into a feature-length documentary that delves deep into the ancient and ever-elusive question of deity. Spanning an impressive four millennia of religious traditions, the documentary retraces the development of Christian, Jewish and Islamic interpretations of God and their intertwined histories.

The film reveals how images of divinity have changed over time, through ancient texts as well as stunning art and artifacts. It follows a chronological path from Abraham to today’s understanding of God, exploring how it has shaped humanity’s quest for both meaning and solace.

This thought-provoking documentary offers a rare opportunity to observe up close the complex relationship between the three great monotheistic faiths. It provides viewers with an in-depth look at God’s role in these religions’ evolution—and what their journey can tell us about our own search for answers.

A History of God is an exploration like no other. From its gripping visuals to its insight into humanity’s most fundamental beliefs, this feature-length film is sure to provide an enlightening experience for all viewers—no matter which religion they may practice or not practice. Don’t miss your chance to explore one of our history’s greatest mysteries: take some time to watch A History of God today!

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David B