A Good Job: Stories of the FDNY

Oct 6, 2023 | Social, Videos

In the critically acclaimed documentary, “Steve Buscemi’s FDNY: A True Story,” legendary actor and FDNY veteran Steve Buscemi takes us on a journey exploring the lives of those that work within one of the world’s most demanding fire departments. Through interviews with Buscemi and other veteran firefighters, we get an insight into the daily lives of New York City Firefighters. Along with never before seen archival footage, viewers are taken along for a first-hand account of what it means to be a hero within the city.

Buscemi himself served four years in FDNY’s Engine Co. 55 in Manhattan’s Little Italy and speaks candidly about his experiences as a firefighter. His personal accounts provide unique insight into how he and other firefighters coped in situations of extreme stress while protecting citizens from danger every day.

Those seeking to learn more about life within this demanding profession will find “Steve Buscemi’s FDNY: A True Story” to be an incredibly rewarding viewing experience. The documentary offers an honest look at what it means to serve and protect within one of the world’s busiest cities that is sure to leave viewers moved and inspired. So if you’re looking for an illuminating peek into heroism within New York City, then don’t miss this incredible HBO special!

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David B