A Game With No Prize – Clifford Myers

Dec 31, 2022 | Comedy, Lifestyle, Videos

“I came to school in braces and all the kids started calling me ‘fat ass’ and ‘lardo’, They didn’t even notice the braces”. Just a simple excerpt from one of Clifford Myers’s stand up shows.

In one short interview done over Saturday afternoon, Clifford discusses his love for the television genre, and why he left bible school. Myers have been called many names since his school days, including film school graduate, a bible school dropout, and standup aficionado.

Anyway you classify him, Clifford is an intensely personal and surreal performer who is trying to change the television genre in the last few years. His approach to standup comedy is unique, mixing styles like Loony Tunes, but also more serious note.

In the last few years, Clifford has been battling with addiction, and is trying to start an online version of reality television.

Why he loves reality television where violence, killing and everything else is part of the equation? It is a permitted environment to do that. Check out the short interview and see some of his views and opinions.

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Riyan H.