A Game of No Rules

Dec 30, 2023 | Economics, Videos

The global trade debate has been a source of intense debate and friction in the current political climate. In A Game of No Rules, DW Documentary takes an in-depth look into the complex issue of free trade between nations, offering a comprehensive and nuanced perspective.

In this documentary, experts explore how protectionism can be beneficial or detrimental to the global economy, depending on its implementation. Through visits to businesses across the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Cameroon, A Game of No Rules offers a glimpse into this reality.

The documentary spotlights the cycling industry as an example of how protectionist policies can benefit free trade. In Germany, protective tariffs have been put in place to keep Chinese bicycle manufacturers from completely dominating the market. As a result, China, Taiwan and Germany are all now involved in assembling and constructing bicycles for sale from within Germany. In contrast to this situation is that of the United States where even traditional American brands are entirely manufactured in China.

A Game of No Rules also looks at other industries such as construction and agriculture including flooring tiles, onions and chickens – sectors which have been significantly impacted by globalization. The film features interviews with business owners and workers from both wealthy and impoverished communities alike who offer their perspectives on these issues. Alongside them is a panel of economic experts who provide historical context to this present day trade climate as well as insights into potential scenarios such as a looming global trade war.

By exploring real-world cases in detail through conversations with affected parties within industries, A Game of No Rules highlights how intricate our present day understanding of global trade really is – something that no one should miss out on learning about. To gain an understanding of these issues first hand we implore you to watch DW Documentary’s A Game Of No Rules!

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David B