A Cow At My Table

Aug 28, 2022 | Nature, Videos

“A Cow at My Table explores Western attitudes towards farm animals and meat, and the intense battle between animal advocates and the meat industry to influence the consumer’s mind. Five years in production director Jennifer Abbott took across Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand to meet with leaders of the movement for animal rights, animal welfare advocates and spokesmen for the livestock industry.

A cow at my table, between the cuts of the various perspectives with archival films, images of today’s agribusiness and pictures of farm animals shot from unusual viewpoints. The result, critics and programmers, is a documentary that is “brilliant”, “visually smart,” “very successful” and “extraordinarily compelling and powerful.” In the words of Toronto NOW magazine film critic Cameron Bailey, “Like all the best documentaries, this film offers more questions than answers.” (Excerpt from animalliberationfront.com)”

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Riyan H.