A COVID-19 survivor versus corona skeptics

Oct 4, 2023 | Health, Political, Videos

Karoline Preisler, a Free Democrat politician in Germany, contracted a severe case of COVID-19 and faced the harsh reality of this virus firsthand. As she recovered, she realized the importance of speaking out against those who trivialize the dangers of the virus. In an effort to confront corona skeptics, far-right groups, and conspiracy theorists, Preisler attends demonstrations with the intention of educating protesters on the reality of the situation.
Despite the efforts of politicians and health officials, many Germans are still skeptical about the severity of the pandemic. Skeptics taking to the streets are becoming more and more common, and right-wing extremists are looking to take advantage of this mistrust to attract new supporters. Preisler knows the threat that this poses and is determined to change minds. Will she be able to get through to the skeptics, or will her message fall on deaf ears? In “The Price of Conviction,” a documentary by Viktoria Kleber, we follow Preisler on her mission to educate and enlighten the people of Germany about the true threat of COVID-19.

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David B