A Class Divided

Sep 6, 2023 | Health, Videos

In 1965, Jane Elliott conducted a controversial experiment intended to help her students better understand the effects of racism and discrimination. The concept was simple: she divided her class into two groups based on eye color – blue eyes and brown eyes. On the first day, Elliott designated the blue-eyed children as superior and praised them while treating those with brown eyes as inferior. The brown eyed students were made to wear collars around their necks, had their behavior and performance criticized, and were not given privileges that the blue-eyed children enjoyed such as a longer recess or being first in the lunch line.

On the second day, roles were reversed and Elliott again treated those with blue eyes as inferior while praising those with brown eyes. What happened over these two days shocked both students and teacher alike; children who were told they were inferior took on that role both physically and mentally. They performed poorly on tests, acted out in class, and seemed defeated by this arbitrary label of ‘lesser’ imposed upon them by their teacher.

This remarkable experiment has been captured in a documentary titled “The Eye of the Storm” which provides an up close look at what went on inside Jane Elliott’s classroom. It is a powerful testament to how much even perceived inequality can have an impact on individuals’ self worth and performance. It offers valuable insight into racism, discrimination, prejudice, and privilege – all topics which are still relevant today. If you’re interested in learning more about this groundbreaking social experiment we highly suggest you watch this documentary for yourself.

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David B