A bike trip to Haarlem from Amsterdam

Oct 1, 2022 | Nature, Sports, Videos

Haarlem is just a small city outside of Amsterdam. There was a time when the city was major North Sea trading post surrounded by a defensive wall. Nowadays, it is just a reminder of the medieval character of Netherlands.

Famous for the outlying tulip fields, Haarlem is one of the biggest markets for flowers in the Netherlands. Sven Erik Golden, a Dutch, tries to show the beauties of the city.

When you think of riding a bike and the Netherlands, you often think of riding a bike in Amsterdam and enjoying the city. But if you move just outside of the city, you’ll be greeted with some of the most beautiful flower fields in the world.

Enjoy the landside as Sven is taking a bike trip from Amsterdam to Haarlem, showing you just how much you are missing if you stay stuck in Amsterdam.

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Riyan H.