A Bad Trip to Edgewood

Jul 9, 2023 | Drugs, Social, Videos

Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland stands 90 miles north of Washington D.C. and has been the center of the United States Army’s research into chemical warfare since World War I. Within its laboratories, bizarre experiments were conducted to understand dose levels for nerve agents and chemical compounds, including the use of cats dosed with LSD. Animals were tested before humans to determine what would incapacitate or prove lethal on the battlefield, as well as how their troops could protect themselves from such attacks.

In 1993, ITV Yorkshire (UK) aired a documentary detailing this unethical experimentation and its effects on human subjects. The film exposed the extreme lengths which scientists went to in order to test their theories – some of which left people mentally and emotionally scarred for years after.

This documentary is an eye-opening account of how far human experimentation can go, and how it can have deeper psychological implications when not done responsibly. It is a must watch for anyone interested in understanding both the history and ethical implications of medical testing on human subjects. As viewers, we are able to gain insight into this dark period in American history while also reflecting on our own moral boundaries when it comes to scientific progress.

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David B