97% Owned: The Cruel Truth Behind Money Credit and Financial Crisis

May 10, 2023 | Finance, People, Videos

Are you curious about the true nature of money, credit, and the financial crisis? Look no further than the thought-provoking documentary, 97% Owned.This investigative masterpiece delves deep into the murky world of finance, answering fundamental questions about our system of currency and its impact on ordinary citizens. From uncovering the origins of money, to exploring the creation of credit and its impact on social and economic welfare, 97% Owned offers a uniquely comprehensive perspective on the global financial system.
Featuring frank interviews with economists, campaigners, and former bankers – and packed with verifiable evidence – 97% Owned paints a bleak yet urgent picture of a privatized, debt-based monetary system that gives banks unprecedented power to shape the economy, create crises, and push house prices out of reach. Fact-based and expertly explained, this gripping exposé is a must-see for anyone seeking to understand the true cost of our financial system.

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David B