9/11: The Falling Man

Jun 13, 2024 | 9/11, Political, Social, Videos

The Falling Man is a powerful documentary that follows the story of the ‘jumpers’ of 9/11 – those who chose to jump from the Twin Towers instead of staying in the doomed buildings. The documentary follows the work of photographer Richard Drew, who was nearly killed taking the defining photograph of one of these victims. It also explores how citizens reacted, arguing that publicizing such an image was exploitative and sensational.

The Falling Man gives proper due to all victims by recounting how editors published and then reluctantly banned this iconic image, as well as how journalists uncovered its subject’s identity. This moving documentary confronts a single, harrowing image and provides insight into the brave people who died on 9/11 . It is a must-watch for anyone wanting to learn more about this tragic event.

Through interviews with those connected to 9/11, archival footage from news organizations, and never-before-seen photographs taken on that day, The Falling Man offers an emotionally heart-wrenching story that will stay with viewers long after it ends. It is an important reminder of both our resilience and humanity even in times of great tragedy. So if you’re looking for a way to commemorate this somber day while learning more about those affected by it; look no further than The Falling Man.

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David B