7/7: Ripple Effect

Jun 16, 2023 | Conspiracy, Political, Videos

The 7/7 bombings in London shook the British Isles to its core. On that fateful day, four Islamist extremists detonated bombs on three tube trains and a bus, killing 56 people and injuring more than 700. In the aftermath of the attacks, Verint Systems, an Israeli security firm, took responsibility for the CCTV surveillance cameras in London’s Underground rail network – with critical questions left unanswered.

Verint Systems claimed their cameras were not working at the time of the bombing and thus there was no footage released of four Muslims boarding the tube-train prior to detonation. But why was this? Did Verint Systems know something that we didn’t? To uncover these unsettling questions surrounding the 7/7 terror attack, investigative filmmaker Mike Rudin directed a gripping documentary about it – especially concerning the role of Verint Systems during this tragic event and why information has been withheld from authorities and media.

The documentary seeks to answer difficult questions on what really happened that fateful day in 2005. Using compelling interviews from survivors, as well as analysts and reporters alike; Mike Rudin’s film works hard to use Ockham’s Razor and common sense to draw conclusions as to what really occurred during those dreadful hours in London’s Underground rail network.

In times like this where fearful memories remain raw – particularly coming up on 16 years since the incident – it is important for individuals to understand what happened behind closed doors during such a dark time in our history – and Mike Rudin’s documentary does just that. By exploring all avenues regarding Verint System’s involvement in withholding crucial evidence in relation to understanding the real events of 7/7, Mike Rudin invites us on an eye-opening journey into a sensitive subject matter; one we implore you, our viewer, to explore further by watching his insightful presentation into one of Britain’s worst ever terror attacks.

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David B