5000/1: How Leicester City Beat the Odds

Oct 24, 2023 | Sports, Videos

The world of sports recently witnessed a miraculous event when Leicester City F.C. became the English Premier League champions in 2016, with odds of 5,000-1 against them. To put this huge achievement into perspective, it would be like a Triple-A minor league baseball team moving up to the Major Leagues and winning the World Series a year later – an accomplishment considered far less likely than David Moyes becoming an X Factor judge!

The win by Leicester City resulted in the largest bookmaking payout in British sporting history, with a total of £25 million being paid out to bettors who’d gone for the seemingly impossible. This incredible story is now documented in a documentary exploring how such a feat was achieved – and why it’s so remarkable.

Anonymous: The Story of Leicester City F.C., looks at the rise of one of the most influential online movements with never-before-seen insight into its inner workings. Viewers will get an eye-opening account on how such an unlikely victory was made possible and why it captivated people around the world. It’s an inspiring tale that goes beyond sport, and shows us what can be achieved when dedication and determination join forces to create something truly special – no matter how unlikely!

If you’re looking for an inspiring film that highlights just what can be done against all odds then Anonymous: The Story of Leicester City F.C is not to be missed! Drawing on unprecedented access inside one of world’s most influential online movements and featuring interviews from some key figures involved in this incredible story, this documentary paints a vivid picture of how Leicester City beat all odds to become champions – making history in the process!

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David B