5 Celebrities Allegedly Killed by the Illuminati

Nov 22, 2022 | Conspiracy, Music, Religion, Videos

Strange deaths are part of life. We see them all the time, and the police has always have troubles clearing up the mysteries of deaths. But sometimes, deaths are result of a murder, and conspiracy theorists go wild in cracking the case.

In the world of celebrities, Illuminati, Masonry, religion, and conspiracies are a daily struggle. That being said, there are a number of deaths in the celebrity world that people believe are a result of an Illuminati murder.

Some of the celebrities believed to be killed by the Illuminati include Bruce Lee, Anna Nicole Smith, 2pac, John Lennon and Michael Jackson. One has to admit that all of them died in mysterious ways.

For example, 2pac has been linked with other conspiracies as well, namely the No.7 conspiracy, or the seven day theory. The famous rapper was linked with the Illuminati a number of times, but he was the one shedding some light on the subject, namely in his songs.

John Lennon also exposed the Illuminati in an interview, and the religious organization couldn’t go past that. And Michael Jackson told his son that the Illuminati are after him and would eventually kill him. The documentary takes a look at several sources, linking the murders together.

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Riyan H.