40 Years of Hip-Hop

Jun 14, 2023 | Music, Videos

KRS-One, a legendary figure in the Hip-Hop community, has taken us on an educational and captivating journey with his documentary. Recently presented at the Hip-Hop appreciation week in Amsterdam, KRS-One’s documentary is an exploration of the history of this art form, as well as the meaning behind it – all from KRS-One’s interpretation. The documentary consists of clips from KRS-One’s career as a rapper and artist, edited together with footage of him giving an insightful speech about Hip-Hop. Throughout its running time, KRS-One takes us back to where it all began while also exploring how far Hip-Hop has come over the years. His passion for the genre is evident in every word he speaks and each clip that is featured. From its humble beginnings on the streets of New York City to becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Hip-Hop has certainly come a long way since its early days. This unique documentary gives viewers a deeper understanding of why Hip-Hop has not only endured but grown into one of the most influential music genres around today.In addition to being an educational resource for those interested in learning more about Hip Hop; KRS – One’s documentary provides fans with a new perspective on their favorite genre. It’s packed full of interesting facts and figures that will have you enthralled from start to finish. So if you’re looking for something inspiring and informative – then look no further than this incredible documentary! We highly recommend viewers take some time out to watch this amazing piece of work – you won’t be disappointed!

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David B