30 years after the collapse of the USSR – Spring of hope or winter of despair?

Aug 24, 2023 | People, Political, Social, Videos

Thirty years ago, the Soviet Union crumbled, freeing member nations from its clutches of power after various declarations of independence. Now, in the aftermath of the era, new generations have emerged and with them, a much different perspective towards the former communist power, the USSR.
The documentary interviews three young adults from Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia on their thoughts and feelings towards their countries, their futures and how they view their ancestral past. Delving into their personal backgrounds and points of view, the film uncovers the unique identity of these nations and how different lives are for the millennial generation, thirty years after the fall of the Soviet Union. Can one truly forget such a significant event in history? Witness and understand the complex impact and changes on the next generation, as they find their place in a new world.”

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David B