20th Century Battlefields

Jun 14, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

20th Century Battlefields is an eight-part documentary series produced by the BBC, narrated by television and radio personality Peter Snow and his son Dan Snow, which examines some of the most influential battles of the twentieth century. These are battles that greatly impacted the current world we live in; while they are now at the cusp of a new century, humanity has yet to reduce the prevalence of war. In fact, during this last hundred years warfare has been waged on a larger scale than ever before.

One such battle was fought in 1918 on the Western Front, which occurred in Northern France and involved tens of millions of soldiers from around the globe. It resulted in more deaths than any other war before it; countless new weapons such as tanks were employed for the first time, with devastating consequences.

In 1942, two small islands west of Hawaii formed the epicenter for a battle between Japan’s Navy and that of America’s: Midway Island. This devastating clash changed history permanently, as Japan sought to expand their power in the Pacific Ocean. It marked a major milestone in naval warfare.

The following year saw Stalingrad take centre stage for one of history’s longest and hardest fights; German and Soviet troops battled for five months street by street, building by building and room by room in pursuit of victory.

Korea became another conflict zone four years later when Britain allied with America against communist forces along Imjin River bank. The fight focused heavily on stopping communism from further advancement across Asia at large.

Vietnam followed suit shortly after when Saigon hosted one of its biggest battles yet in 1968 during its New Year festival called Tet—the Tet Offensive—which swayed outcomes to a great extent.. Yet another dramatic Middle East war was fought three years later in 1973 where Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack against Israel on Yom Kippur – their holiest day.

From World War I to Vietnam War, 20th Century Battlefields captures these key conflicts with astounding accuracy – bringing them back to life through compelling interviews with survivors and expert analysis from renowned historians alike – providing viewers with an important insight into our past that’s still very much relevant today. Whether you’re interested in learning about historical events or simply want to watch an insightful documentary series, 20th Century Battlefields is certainly worth considering!

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David B