2012 Worlds – Irish Dance Documentary

Sep 13, 2022 | Music, Performing Arts, Videos

Riverdance, the theatrical show that consists mostly of traditional Irish music and dance is the face of Irish music and culture.

But Riverdance is also a way of life for some people. There are thousands of people in the United States that compete in the Irish Dance Championship. They spend thousands of dollars on dresses, practice six days per week to perfect their performance, and hope for the best.

The documentary takes a look at the 2012 Irish Dance competition, featuring five Americans eager to prove that they can do the Riverdance as good as their Irish friends.

For three minutes of dancing, these boys and girls practice for hours and hours during the course of a whole year. There is only one champion, and the documentary takes a deep look at the scene, and what happens behind the scenes, every sacrifice that people make in order to become a Champion.

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Riyan H.