180 km on foot: Migrants in Hungary walking to Austria

Sep 22, 2022 | Disaster, Social, Videos

This documentary is filmed in 2015. And things have not changed much in Hungary, a country with a very strict policy towards refugees. In the same way that Donald Trump was saying he will build a wall to Mexico, Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister wanted to build a wall to prevent refugees from entering the country.

In this documentary, refugees and migrants tell the story of how exhausting and scary their experience in Hungary was. They summarize it perfectly “Hungarian people are nice, but the government is bad”.

More than 1500 migrants and refugees had to walk to the Australian border in 2015, after the government canceled their trains. They were left at the train station, so they had to find a way to walk to Austria.

Their determination and will was stronger than the government, and they made it to the border. In the end, the government, under pressure from EU and its citizenship, sent buses to help the refugees. The documentary shows their heartbreaking story.

And speaking of Hungarian policy, in September 2016, Viktor Orban proposed a referendum on which citizens could say if they want the country to close the doors to refugees. Hungarian population voted no, so the borders stay open.

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Riyan H.