100 years after World War I

Dec 10, 2023 | Military/War, People, Videos

A hundred years after the end of World War I, “The Peace Service” documentary showcases young people’s volunteer work to pay tribute to long lost soldiers. This year-long project, which features high school students doing research on the life of a fallen soldier, will culminate in a poignant ceremony held at Ypres.
Rebecca Böhmer and Christoph Sentis, two students from Kassel, are among those who participate in the project initiated to keep the memory of World War I alive. As they journey through history, the two Germans find themselves among students from various European countries, who also seek to understand the profound impact of the war. “The Peace Service” takes the audience on a compelling journey of discovery, as teenagers grasp the full scope of the tragedy, while they interview experts, visit military cemeteries, and learn historic anecdotes.

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David B