100 Greatest Discoveries: Astronomy

Jun 12, 2023 | Science, Videos

Bill Nye, the beloved host of “The Science Guy” television series, is back with an exciting new documentary series about the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. Spanning from the earliest times to the present day, this nine-episode series takes viewers on a journey through some of humanity’s most important scientific advancements.

From Evolution and Earth Sciences to Physics and Chemistry, each episode dives into a different area of scientific research and advances, featuring historical re-creations, archival footage, visits to interesting research facilities and interviews with scientists. Viewers will also be delighted to find Nobel Prize laureates featured throughout the various episodes.

Each episode is presented in Bill Nye’s signature style – informative as well as witty and humorous – making it perfect for viewers of all ages. The final episode wraps up with a top 10 list of the most significant discoveries ever made. With so much knowledge packed into this captivating documentary series, it is sure to get viewers excited about science while giving them an understanding of how we got here today.


Are you ready to take a look back at some of humanity’s greatest moments? Then don’t miss Bill Nye’s amazing documentary series exploring the most remarkable scientific breakthroughs in history!

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David B