The Story of Tetris

May 6, 2024 | Technology, Videos

The year is 1984, and the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union created a heightened sense of fear and tension in the world. The two rival superpowers were standing at an ideological crossroads, with capitalism versus communism playing out on a global scale.

In spite of this atmosphere of unease, the United States experienced impressive economic growth throughout this period. The nation prospered socially and economically, and its citizens enjoyed unprecedented levels of prosperity under their capitalist system.

It was during this turbulent time that award-winning British journalist John Pilger released his documentary about the Cold War entitled ‘1984: The Secret Story’. Through exclusive interviews with some of the most influential figures in government, politics, business, intelligence, media, and entertainment from both sides of the Iron Curtain – plus never before seen archival film footage – Pilger reveals an entirely different account of these events than what had been presented in mainstream history books.

This gripping documentary offers viewers a unique perspective on a major period in modern history. It chronicles how ordinary people were affected by titanic forces beyond their control – forces which shaped our world today. For those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of one of humanity’s greatest conflicts, we highly recommend watching ‘1984: The Secret Story.’ By exploring this riveting subject matter through expert analysis and thoughtful storytelling, you will learn about an era that continues to have ramifications for us all.

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David B