The Sakawa Boys: Internet Scamming in Ghana

Aug 27, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Internet fraudsters in Ghana have perfected a craft of scamming unsuspecting victims from all over the world out of thousands of dollars. This form of cybercrime has grown to become notably more sophisticated than that seen in other West African countries such as Nigeria.

This new form of cybercrime is explored in depth in a new documentary, which shines a light on how these fraudsters use the internet to carry out their scams. The documentary takes an investigative approach and dives into the motivations and methods used by the perpetrators to commit this crime.

The documentary highlights how fraudsters use an array of tactics to swindle victims; from pretending to be someone else online, to creating fake websites or providing false information about services advertised for sale. It also examines the implications this activity has on both individuals and businesses around the world.

The film features interviews with Ghanaian criminals alongside those who have been affected by their actions, providing insight into the human cost of this modern-day crime wave. It will leave viewers with a greater understanding of why people perpetrate this type of crime, and its far-reaching effects on those who are targeted.

Given its unique perspective and engaging story-telling style, this eye-opening documentary is essential viewing for anyone wanting to learn more about internet fraud in Ghana and beyond. So if you’re interested in finding out more about this subterfuge practice, make sure you watch this must-see film today!

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David B