State of Surveillance

Oct 11, 2023 | Technology, Videos

In the age of post-9/11, it is a reality that governments may be snooping through our contacts, text messages and photos without us even knowing. This frightening phenomenon was first brought to light by Edward Snowden, a whistleblower who exposed troubling government surveillance activities. In an effort to explore this topic further, VICE has released their documentary titled State of Surveillance.

The documentary follows Edward Snowden as he travels to Russia, where he currently resides safe from any persecution by the United States. Here he delves deep and shares his expertise on the ins and outs of government surveillance. Interviews with other experts in the field provide further insight into this complex issue. Through these interviews viewers get an understanding of the ethical implications involved with such intrusive measures along with a better grasp of how surveillance technology works and its capabilities – all in an effort to raise awareness around these issues and put a real face and name behind them.

Not only is this an educational watch for viewers looking to get informed about government surveillance, but it is also highly entertaining. The film provides a captivating look at this current state of affairs whilst stirring up intense emotions within us all – making for truly compelling viewing.

State of Surveillance is a must see for any citizen curious about the power dynamics between citizens and their governments following 9/11. It’s an important reminder that although we are living in a digital age full of unknowns, we can still be aware of what our leaders are up to if we open our eyes and ears. So make sure you watch State of Surveillance today!

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David B