RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure

Feb 18, 2024 | Technology, Videos

RuneScape’s 15th anniversary was a monumental occasion, and the celebrations are still going strong! Jagex, the publishers of RuneScape, have released a feature-length documentary titled RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure. This documentary takes an in-depth look at how this MMORPG has been able to remain relevant and beloved after fifteen years.

We get a sneak peek into the world RuneScape was created in: the kitchen of two brothers looking to create a video game that would become an online phenomenon. We also get to witness how its community has grown and bonded while playing together, engaging in activities like killing chickens or fishing for sharks. Through this documentary we learn about the challenges faced by the creators of RuneScape as it evolved from a small game to one of the most successful games in the world.

Throughout the journey we also get to experience all of its highs and lows which have kept players engaged over such a long time frame. The documentary shows us that even after fifteen years, RuneScape is still capable of providing exciting experiences for players day after day.

If you’re looking for insight into what makes RuneScape so special then you should definitely check out this feature length documentary. It provides an intimate look into the development and success of this MMORPG and is sure to bring joy and inspiration to any fan or casual player alike!

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David B