The “Living Bridges” of Meghalaya are a remarkable example of human ingenuity. For centuries, villagers have faced the challenge of monsoon flooding in their mountain jungle by developing a unique and resilient solution: living bridges made from thick, interwoven tree roots.

These amazing structures are created by harvesting specialized species of rubber trees in the region. The flexible root systems of these trees are then trained to grow into arching spans that can support the weight of people as they cross streams and rivers during flood season. This remarkable engineering feat has existed for centuries and is still practiced today, having been passed down through generations.

The beauty and genius behind these living bridges is captured in the new documentary “Living Bridges.” The film focuses on this incredible tradition of ‘root bridge building’ that has been preserved against all odds. From elaborate engineering feats to spiritual ceremonies, you’ll be taken on an incredible journey spanning generations and cultures.

If you’re looking for an inspiring story about the power of nature, human ingenuity and resilience against even the most difficult of conditions, then “Living Bridges”, is a must-see! Through this captivating exploration into this unique part of India’s culture, you’ll gain an appreciation for not only what humans can accomplish but also how ancient traditions can still survive in today’s modern world.