The problem with rice no one is talking about

May 20, 2023 | Environmental, Sports

The documentary, Half the World Eats It, takes a deep dive into rice and its impact on our planet. Rice production comes with many benefits: it has been around for centuries providing essential nutrition to billions of people around the world, and one-fifth of our calories come from it. However, it also comes with a darker side that is often unseen or overlooked. Rice can have a significant environmental impact, releasing pollutants into the atmosphere as well as being vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

This documentary seeks to address these issues by looking at how we can grow rice better and more sustainably in order to keep up with global demand while still protecting our planet. By highlighting both scientific advancements and traditional farming practices that help us to reduce our environmental footprint while still growing rice efficiently, this documentary brings an important question to light: what role should technology play in improving sustainable rice production?

In addition to presenting an informative look at the science behind growing rice sustainably, Half the World Eats It also provides engaging interviews with experts in agriculture and food security who share their perspectives on how best to ensure a better future for our planet. With first-hand accounts from those working directly on this issue as well as stunning visuals of some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes threatened by unsustainable farming practices, this documentary will leave you with a new appreciation for where your food comes from and why it matters so much.

It’s time for us all to take part in finding solutions for this global problem. We all have a role to play in building a healthier planet for generations to come — so watch Half the World Eats It today! With its combination of compelling storytelling and insightful facts about sustainable agriculture, this documentary will open your eyes to the importance of taking meaningful action toward creating a better future for us all.

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David B