Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

Sep 27, 2023 | Sports, Videos

Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows is a truly remarkable documentary that explores the life and career of legendary WWF and WWE wrestler Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. This gripping film delves deep into the struggles and triumphs of one man’s rise to the top, and the heartbreaking human cost associated with it.

A major theme explored in Hitman Hart is the legacy of Bret’s father; a wrestling legend in his own right, Stu Hart. Stu’s influence on Bret can be seen throughout his career, from his skill as a technical wrestler to his tenacity and drive to be successful. Furthermore, the film covers two tragedies within Bret’s family that had a profound impact on him – namely, his brother Owen’s death during a pay-per-view event in 1999, and Davey Boy Smith (Bret’s brother-in-law) passing away tragically young in 2002.

Also covered in the documentary is Vince McMahon, owner of World Wrestling Entertainment from 1984 until today. His influence over professional wrestling is impossible to understate, with him having created some of its most iconic characters such as Stone Cold Steve

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David B