The Village above the Clouds

Jan 29, 2024 | Social, Videos

The Laovan family, who have been living atop the mountainous terrain of Laos for centuries, are at a crossroads. Their lives have been defined by their customs and rituals for generations, but the modern world is encroaching upon them. The Village Above the Clouds is a powerful documentary that captures a proud family as they grapple with this transition and strive to retain their culture in a rapidly changing world.

This heartfelt story follows the Laovan family as they explore new opportunities while still treasuring their long-held traditions. We learn how they value hard work and education, yet also recognize that even small changes can make a big impact on their future prospects. The film illustrates this dichotomy in vivid detail, allowing viewers to experience the family’s struggles as if they are right there alongside them.

The documentary doesn’t shy away from deeper topics either; we get to see the community’s traditional beliefs around marriage, gender roles, and more—all brought into sharp relief against a backdrop of global economic forces that threaten to disrupt them forever. And throughout it all, we witness an unflinching determination among these resilient people to stay true to what matters most: preserving their culture for generations to come.

Watch The Village Above the Clouds to gain profound insight into one unique cultural heritage that is quickly being transformed by modernity—and be inspired by this remarkable family’s courage in fighting for what’s important.

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David B