The VICE Guide to Liberia

Jan 28, 2024 | Social, Videos

Traveling to the West Point slum of Liberia is like entering a nightmare. Home to 80,000 people who live in unimaginable squalor, the landscape is littered with miles of rotting garbage and no sewage system. These dire circumstances make it hard to believe that there’s hope for these people – but a documentary film by Andy Capper, Vice UK Editor, is proof that it exists.

The documentary was created after Capper and his crew traveled to Liberia to explore the lives of its inhabitants and uncover stories of resilience amidst poverty and disease. With the help of a local journalist as their guide and fixer, they were able to capture an unflinching look into what life is really like for Liberians living in West Point.

From interviews with locals to powerful visuals that convey both despair and possibility, this documentary gives voice to those who are too often forgotten or overlooked by society. It’s an important reminder that even in conditions considered unbearable by most standards, there is still humanity in every corner of the world – one that deserves our attention and care.

This groundbreaking film will make you see Liberian life through a different lens. It’s not just about bearing witness; it also provides an opportunity for understanding and empathy. If you’re looking for a way to feel connected to people across cultures around the world, this documentary will do just that: provide insight into struggles far away without ever having leave home. So don’t miss out on this beautiful story – watch Andy Capper’s documentary film today!

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