The Secret of the Seven Sisters

Sep 6, 2023 | Social, Videos

As the world’s energy needs have increased over the decades, so has the need for oil. With such a precious resource being sought after by many different countries and companies, it is no surprise that an exclusive cartel was formed to control the distribution of this vital commodity. Known as the Seven Sisters, these powerful entities have been able to maintain a tight grip on the market–until now.

A new documentary series digs deep into how this secret pact was formulated and how it has shaped our present-day international relations. Through interviews with those who were involved in creating this cartel and archival footage of events that happened during its formation, viewers will gain a better understanding of how it was possible for such an agreement to come into existence in the first place―and what implications it might have for us today.

The oil industry has changed drastically since these sisters created their cartel but their impact still lingers. By watching this series, you can learn about how they operated and get insight into why they were able to remain so successful even as time moved on. Viewers can also gain perspective on just how much power these seven entities had during their heyday―and continue to possess now.

So if you are interested in learning more about one of history’s most notorious cartels and how its legacy continues to shape our current geopolitical landscape, then don’t miss out on this eye-opening documentary series. Get ready to be taken back in time as you discover what made this secret pact between seven companies so powerful―an essential knowledge base for anyone wanting to understand more about modern day politics and economics.

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David B