The People’s Republic of Capitalism

Dec 12, 2023 | Social, Videos

In his Discovery Channel series The People’s Republic of Capitalism, celebrated journalist Ted Koppel reveals the increasing economic interdependence between the United States and China. As far as tangible evidence of this interdependence goes, Ethan Allen couches provide a perfect example.

The Ethan Allen company produces its couch bases in China, where labor costs are comparatively lower than in the United States. Ethan Allen then ships these bases over to America for final assembly and finishing touches, thus creating a system wherein the company can take advantage of both countries’ economies without sacrificing quality or cost.

Through interviews with executives from Ethan Allen and other furniture companies, Koppel manages to uncover the truth behind cross-border production of goods. He also delves into the implications that this economic interdependence has on trade regulations and policies.

The People’s Republic of Capitalism takes viewers on a journey through the globalized economy from an American perspective. It is a thought-provoking and timely documentary that provides valuable insight into one of today’s most important issues. For those seeking to better understand our increasingly interconnected world, Koppel’s series is essential viewing.

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David B