The Fear of 13

Aug 4, 2023 | Social, Videos

The Fear of 13 is a gripping and powerful documentary that dives into the life of Nick Yarris, a man who spent 21 years on death row in Pennsylvania after being wrongfully convicted of murder. Told through his own authentic narration, the documentary chronicles his journey to convince the court to go ahead and execute him.

Throughout the course of this compelling film, viewers are exposed to an array of harrowing experiences from Nick’s past. As we traverse through the labyrinthine complex of flawed justice he faced, we come to understand his deeply personal mission to find closure in this traumatic chapter of his life.

This eye-opening journey takes us from Nick’s early days as a law-abiding citizen all the way through his epic battle with depression and despair as a death row inmate. His remarkable resilience in such extreme circumstances serves as a reminder of our potential for hope even in dire situations.

Through its raw portrayal of one man’s story, The Fear Of 13 has been celebrated by critics and acclaimed by audiences for its heart-wrenching narrative and captivating style. Now more than ever, we should all watch this thought-provoking production and reflect on how far we have come – or not come – as a society when it comes to matters of wrongful convictions and capital punishment.

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David B