Terence McKenna’s True Hallucinations

Oct 24, 2023 | Social, Videos

True Hallucinations, a documentary by Peter Bergmann, offers a captivating look into the fascinating journey of Terence McKenna and the ideas that spawned from it. The film is composed of hundreds of recordings and interviews that have been intricately weaved together to tell McKenna’s story.

McKenna’s exploration into the Amazon basin began with an invitation from an ayahuasca shaman to experience the powerful psychedelic drug known as ‘ayahuasca’. McKenna and his brother Dennis embraced this invitation and decided to take part in this mysterious ritual. During their stay in the Amazon, they were exposed to many exotic plants, animals, and cultures that pushed their minds to explore new ideas beyond their imagination.

The documentary captures their unique experiences and how they evolved over time as they encountered different beliefs within the community while trying to comprehend this foreign way of life. Through beautiful cinematography, viewers are taken on a visual journey through the Peruvian Amazon that showcases its lush beauty alongside its supernatural elements.

The film succeeds by not only providing an immersive glimpse into McKenna’s travels but also by giving us a closer look at his spiritual journey and his exploration into realms of reality previously unknown; a result of various discoveries he made during his residency in South America. It is clear that True Hallucinations is worth watching if you are interested in uncovering what lies beneath

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David B