Slumdog Children of Mumbai

Mar 8, 2024 | Social, Videos

The Slumdog Children of Mumbai is a documentary that follows four resilient young children struggling to survive on the streets of India’s largest and most densely populated city, Mumbai. Deepa, Salaam, and the twins Hussan & Hussein are all part of a heartbreaking reality for millions of people living in slums across India.

Mumbai has a population of over 18 million people, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Yet these four children have managed to make it through their own means. Not only do they work hard to ensure that they have food and shelter on a daily basis, but they also take care of each other with an inspiring loyalty.

We watch them as they go about their lives – working odd jobs to pay for rent and food; attending school when they can; taking care of each other when tragedy strikes. We come to admire their courage and resilience in the face of extreme poverty and adversity.

The Slumdog Children of Mumbai offers a window into these remarkable individuals’ lives – their joys and sorrows, their hopes and struggles – allowing us to gain insight into what life is like for those living in slums throughout India. By watching this documentary we can deepen our understanding of these issues whilst also celebrating these children’s strength and determination as they strive for better lives in extremely difficult circumstances.

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David B