Sep 22, 2023 | Social, Videos

The Covenant House in New Orleans is a beacon of hope for homeless teens and young adults struggling to survive and leave the streets behind. In Shelter, an inspiring documentary produced by VICE, viewers get an intimate look at many of the facility’s most troubled residents, as well as the remarkable caregivers who work hard each and every day to provide them with the necessary support they need.

At Covenant House, young people are given a safe place to stay, access to mental health services, educational assistance, job training, and other specialized programs that help them build life skills and prepare for independent living. The staff provide compassionate care and understanding as they work with residents to help them break free from the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Through candid interviews with residents and their families as well as powerful images that capture the stories of those affected by homelessness, Shelter takes us on an emotional journey into both the struggles and triumphs of life on the streets. We witness first-hand how these young people persevere despite unimaginable odds. By seeing these stories through a compassionate lens, we gain insight into how difficult it can be for homeless youth in America today—and why places like Covenant House are so desperately needed.

Shelter is not only eye-opening but also tremendously moving; it will leave its viewers feeling inspired and hopeful. With its honest portrayal of some of New Orleans’ most vulnerable citizens, this documentary serves as a reminder that everyone deserves a chance to pursue their dreams no matter their circumstances. It is essential viewing for anyone looking to understand why supporting homeless youth should be a priority for us all.

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David B