Secrets of China

Feb 27, 2024 | Social, Videos

China is one of the oldest and most culturally rich countries in the world, a place that still enforces some pretty strict laws and regulations. In this three-part BBC documentary series, TV presenter Billie JD Porter sets out to discover what life in China is really like. With a population of 1.3 billion – one in five people on the planet live in China – it’s a country where respect for the state and elderly is being instilled into the younger generations.

The documentary will take viewers to places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and other cities and rural areas where they will get an up close look at everyday life in China. From traditional customs to modern life, viewers will learn about how Chinese citizens are adapting to their changing environment while also embracing their culture and history. They’ll meet local people who share their personal stories of hope and survival within the context of a changing nation.

This unique documentary series offers an intimate look into the lives and minds of those living in China today. It’s an opportunity to explore a land not normally accessible to foreigners and get a better understanding of its fascinating culture, history and people. It’s also an opportunity to see firsthand how change can bring both positive opportunities but also difficult challenges as well.

If you want to learn more about Chinese culture, this unique documentary is not one you’ll want to miss! Billie JD Porter’s journey into the heartland of China promises to be an eye-opening experience that will leave you with newfound respect for their country and its people.

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David B