Jun 24, 2024 | Social, Videos

The documentary film, “Death of the Liberal Class”, is based off of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges’ book of the same name. It paints a stark and sobering picture of the rise of the Corporate State, and its consequences for individuals.

The documentary exposes how unfettered capitalism, globalization, environmental change, and staggering inequality are creating an environment where obedience is no longer an option. It shows how these conditions are leading to increased exploitation of workers and further deterioration in our civil liberties.

This powerful film encourages viewers to think deeply about the future of our society and to take action against corporate greed. From exploring the history and dynamics of unchecked neoliberalism to tracking current movements challenging corporate power, Death of the Liberal Class provides a compelling look at how we can reclaim our democracy from corporate interests.

Through interviews with prominent academics, activists, and journalists, it sheds light on how corporations are using tactics such as political lobbying to increase their control over governments around the world. The film also explores solutions such as creating worker co-ops, reforming campaign finance laws, strengthening unions and organizing resistance movements outside traditional channels.

Death of the Liberal Class is not only educational but highly inspirational — a reminder that even in dark times there is hope for positive change. If you’re looking for a unique take on our current predicament then this documentary should be your next watch. Don’t miss out on this important story; join us in watching “Death of the Liberal Class” today!

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David B